Thursday, August 28, 2008

ArtStor Workshops

This fall, the Library will be offereing workshops to help students and faculty get the knack for ArtStor & Naxos. Artstor offers over 750,000 images from artistic traditions across many times and cultures, including painting, architecture, sculpture, photography, decorative arts, and design. Naxos, gives online access to classical, jazz, folk, blues, world, and other music genres. It includes over 16,000 CDs, plus liner notes, libretti, biographies, and more.

Workshops will cover:

ArtStor Level 1: Explore ArtStor, navigate the collections, search images, look at individual images, look at details of an image. Create an account and start a folder. (30 minutes)

ArtStor Level 2: Use an account, offline image viewer, and slide sorter. Make notes. The last 20 minutes will cover user privileges, accessing class folders, instructor privileges. (30 minutes)

ArtStor More: Please contact a librarian for a private consultation

Or, check out ArtStor on Youtube.
1. Register for an Artstor Account
2. Making an Image Group
3. Downloading Images to Powerpoint

Naxos: General exploration of the music database. Search for artists, pieces of music, era, or instrument. Create a playlist. (30 minutes)

Join us at a workshop!
Artstor, Level 1
• 9/10/08—noon (30 min.)—MIC G08
• 9/18/08—12:30 pm (30 min.)—Foster 104
• 9/22/08—3:30 pm (30 min.)—MIC 308
• 9/29/08—5:00 pm (30 min.)—Foster 100

Artstor, Level 2
• 9/29/08—3:30 (30 min.)—MIC G08
• 10/1/08—5:00 pm (30 min.)—Wick 101

• 9/16/08—noon (30 min.)—Foster 104
• 10/8/08—12:30 pm (30 min.)—MIC 308

Workshops are interactive and for faculty and students. If you plan on requiring attendance for students, please let us know!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New librarian joining the team

Hi! I have been here three whole weeks now, so I figure that I should formally introduce myself. My name is Andy Burkhardt, and I am the new Emerging Technologies Librarian at Champlain College. I am very excited to be working here. Burlington seems like a very lively, effervescent city. I am originally from Minnesota so I am no stranger to cold and snow. I also recently got my Masters in Library and Information Science from UW-Madison in Wisconsin, so I am no stranger to local cheeses either.

As an Emerging Technologies Librarian I plan on finding creative ways to use new and existing technologies to make using the library easier and hopefully more fun. An example of something I am going to be working on is making the instant messaging reference service we provide more visible and available longer hours. Another technology I plan on employing is screen-casting software. This is software that is used to capture movements, mouse-clicks and pretty much anything else that goes happens on a computer screen. I plan on making easy to understand tutorials that explain things like how to do research and how to find books and articles. These are just a couple examples of the ideas that I have swimming around in my brain. There are all sorts of interweb technologies that I would like to try out here at Champlain. But there is probably a lot of stuff that I haven’t even thought of that may work great at the library. If you have any great ideas for technologies that you’d like to see used in the library or know more about, I would love to hear about them. You can get a hold of me here, or my screen name on AIM is andyatmic.

I won’t be hidden away in my office behind the warm glow of the computer screen all the time. I’ll be out at the reference desk answering questions. I also look forward to a heavy instruction schedule, assisting in the new information literacy initiative for which we are busily preparing. I look forward to meeting a lot of new people, making new friends and becoming a part of the community here at Champlain College.

P.S. These “Read” posters are kinda cool. You can make your own here at the ALA website.