Wednesday, April 23, 2008

National Turn Off TV Week April 22-28

Can you imagine how cool it would be if everyone on the planet who has a TV really did unplug, even for one day--say, on Earth Day, April 22nd! VPR commentator Deborah Luskin has a problem with pulling the plug on TV, however, and she'll tell you why. Luskin's daughter was "right on" when she said to her mother: "Not watching TV gave us a chance to be ourselves instead of trying to be like everyone else." Years ago I used to defend TV every now and then, but now my mindset is more like the bumper sticker that advertises "kill your TV." This week, when you get that urge to pick up the remote, pick up a book instead. And now for the best part, listen to our own Rob Williams singing Kill Your Television.

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Mad River Yakker said...

Thanks for the "plug," Paula. (Pun intended).

As someone who hasn't owned or watched television since 1985, I've been a champion of TV-Free Weeks for a long time.

Good to see Champlain College getting into the spirit.

You can drop it from the highest building,